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Million Dollar Bureaucrat

Karlan is Being Paid Her Big Stanford Salary While Working for DOJ

Pam Karlan revealed in her Public Financial Disclosure Report (Form 278e) that during her detail to the DOJ's Civil Rights Division that she will continue to receive her "normal salary" from Stanford University (minus a summer stipend):[1]

How big is Pam Karlan's salary? Big.

Pamela Karlan disclosed in her financial disclosure that Stanford University had paid her $1,191,239 in salary during the disclosure’s reporting period – a period that includes the first month of Karlan’s detail to the DOJ.[2]

Given that the reporting period includes the preceding calendar year to the due date of the report[3] (the due date is 30 days after February 9,2021, which is one day after[4] Karlan’s appointment date of February 8. 2021), the American Accountability Foundation calculates Pamela Karlan’s annual salary from Stanford University (which may include a summer stipend that she is not receiving while on detail to the DOJ) to be approximately $1 million per year.

While average Americans are struggling with soaring inflation, Pamela Karlan is enjoying a law professor's salary far above the norm -- a salary that likely puts her among the highest paid people serving in the federal government.

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