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Karlan Served On the Boards of Two Soros-Funded Progressive Groups

Billionaire George Soros Poured Millions into Organizations with ties to Pamela Karlan

The Brennan Center for Justice (BCJ) described the 2020 presidential election[1] as “the most secure election in American history,” and characterized attempts to investigate the 2020 election results as election interference itself. Meanwhile, the BCJ made note of[2] allegations that the 2016 presidential election was tainted by Russian interference and said in 2017 that “there is plenty of reason to be concerned about voting system secur­ity going forward.”

Other election-related policies supported by BCJ include abolishing the electoral college[3] and implementing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).[4]

And, of course, Pamela Karlan wrote a letter to the President of the Arizona Senate in opposition to Arizona's 2020 election integrity efforts, as discussed in this post. BCJ had urged the DOJ to intervene in Arizona.

Notably, left-wing financier George Soros has poured millions into BCJ through his Open Society Foundations, as disclosed on the Open Society Foundations’ website:

Recent giving to the BCJ from Soros' Open Society Foundations totaled $4,450,000 between 2016 and 2019.

Further contribution data reveals that Soros’s Open Society Foundations have poured millions more into similar advocacy organizations with ties to Pamela Karlan, creating multiple connections between organizations Soros' finances and the senior DOJ official.

Just before joining DOJ, Karlan served as the chairman and a board member of the American Constitution Society, a self-described progressive legal organization.[5] The American Constitution Society, among many policy positions, has explored the idea of packing the Supreme Court.[6]

Soros-funded organizations Karlan previous served with, as disclosed on her Form 278e.

Below are the contributions from The Open Society Foundations to the American Constitution Society.

Records indicate Soros has given approximately $4,821,000 to the ACS since 2016.

Another recipient of millions in funding from Soros is the Campaign Legal Center, which Karlan sat on the board of directors of prior to joining the DOJ.

Records indicate Soros' Open Societies Foundations have given at least $1,035,000 to the CLC since 2016.

Soros’ efforts to impact the justice system have been extensively covered by news media, with recent coverage citing a decade-long effort to influence local district attorney (DA) elections by funneling millions in campaign contributions through a network of political organizations.[7]

According to a report by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Soros has invested “at least $40 million” over the past decade to influence DA races by backing progressive prosecutors for DA positions all over the nation.

Between funding progressive legal organizations with ties to a senior DOJ official like Pamela Karlan and funneling millions into local DA races, Soros’ initiative to remake America’s justice system has been extensively documented and can be seen from the top down and the bottom up.

More evidence has continued to come to light regarding the relationship between the Soros-backed local DAs, and the DOJ.

A recent investigative report[8] by the Washington Examiner revealed that the DOJ is funneling millions in taxpayer-backed grants to non-profit activist organizations that are closely linked to the Soros-backed DAs.

One example includes the Urban Peace Institute (UPI), which promotes soft-on-crime type policies championed by the Soros-backed DAs including the refusal to prosecute low-level crimes.

The UPI, which is reported to be closely linked to one Soros funded DA in the Los Angeles area, received $1 million in grant funding from the DOJ.

“The Los Angeles-based Urban Peace Institute, a group credited with laying the groundwork for District Attorney George Gascon's soft-on-crime reforms, was one of the groups that received a $1 million grant from the DOJ's Bureau of Justice Assistance in 2021.” – The Washington Examiner


[8} Washington Examiner: DOJ Doled Out Millions


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