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Meet Pamela Karlan

Pamela Karlan is the number two staffer in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, leading the Administration's assault on state election laws. 

She has a history as a radical leftist, an advocate for dangerous criminals, and is using special programs  to line her pocket while working for the American people. 

Too Radical to Lead the Department of Justice
Biden Wants America to Believe He is a Moderate but Has Appointed Leftist Pamela Karlan to Remake America's Election Laws
  • The highest paid federal staffer, Karlan makes nearly $1,000,000 per year while working at DOJ promoting an activist agenda.

  • A few years ago while at Stanford, Karlan helped a Mexican immigrant convicted of a sex crime with a minor regain entry into the United States.

  • Since coming on board at DOJ, Karlan has used the power of the Justice Department to push radical transgender ideology in schools and prisons.

  • Closely aligned with George Soros' liberal non-profits, she used her power at the DOJ to intervene in the Arizona election integrity audit, telling Arizona officials that door to door canvassing by auditors may amount to voter intimidation – a federal crime for which she has the power to prosecute.

  • Karlan has a long history working closely with Soros related groups with Soros funneling millions to organizations supporting Karlan's advocacy efforts.

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